New to the blogging scene, what better way to kick it off with 5 inspiring tips we recommend when wedding planning!

As we all know corona virus is taking up a lot of peoples thoughts at the moment. When you read our blog, we hope it will offer you some prosperity for your wedding plans in future. We understand these are hard times for all, whether your wedding has been cancelled or postponed, try to remember that it will still happen and you will marry the love of your life!

So, Tip no.1  Setting a budget and outlining your initial ideas can be really helpful.

There is no set/traditional way of doing a wedding anymore, more and more we see clients really putting their individual stamp on the day reflecting them as a couple. During the early stages, it’s handy to put pen to paper on your vision, so that suppliers can help make this a reality and offer some further suggestions for you. Speak to your partner and make joint decisions, you are both there for each other and this will help along the way.

When setting a budget, we know it’s hard as this is a first for many- where to start?! Start by asking for quotes from the main suppliers like venue/marquee, caterer and band etc. This way you can set a target, and gage what you have left to spend on other luxuries.  It’s good to also find out each suppliers payment terms, so you can get all your ducks in a row!

No.2 Plan early on!

Spend time finding recommendations, talking to and meet suppliers, see what’s out there and have fun with it. Once you have some of the main suppliers book early on, this will give you peace of mind and allow you with more time to focus on the smaller details.

Setting a timeline will really help so that you aren’t trying to do too much at once. There is lots of advice online about these, and we suggest aiming to have everything done about 1 month before your set date, allowing you free time during the lead up.

No. 3 Choose your ideal date.

It’s very exciting to set a date so you can then focus on sending out invitations, and it makes it seem even more real!

Think about what season you’d like your wedding, and if there are any holidays/local events that may affect it.

Have 2-3 dates in mind so you can be flexible and check in with family and your bridal party/groomsman to make sure they are available. Start sounding out your favourite suppliers to check they are available, and this should help narrow it down to one.

Most suppliers do book up on a first served basis, so when you have made your decisions, go for it!

No.4 Book in a food tasting!

We know that food is a very important aspect of the day. Weddings can be a long, emotional day with your nearest and dearest and it’s important no one goes home hungry! We suggest staggering out the food starting with canapés or a grazing station, followed by a two or three course menu and a midnight munchie!

When choosing your menu, imagine what time of year it is, what’s in season and list down your favourite foods or recipes to speak to your caterer about.

The day is all about you. You won’t be able to please all taste buds amongst your guests;  we are happy to offer some ideas to make sure there is a good level of variety!

Don’t rush to book in a tasting till you feel fully satisfied with the menu on offer, and meeting all your delicious expectations.

No.5 Enjoy the moment!

So much planning, time and money goes into weddings which can be overwhelming at times! The overall message is to make sure your enjoy the day and don’t get stressed.

Any problems that may arise on the day, let your event manager/bridesmaids deal with it. Choose suppliers you trust and have researched well so that you have full confidence the team on the day will go the extra mile for you!

Make sure you aren’t trying to do too much in the weeks lead up to your wedding, allow some time to eat, sleep, breathe and enter the day feeling calm and rested!

If you need any help with wedding planning, get in touch with us and we can explain our involvement as caterers, and the type of aspects we cover. We also work with a range of amazing wedding experts who we’d be happy to recommend to help you during the planning process or on the day co-ordination.

Thanks for reading!


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